Benefits of Choosing Double-Glazed Aluminium Windows for Your Kapiti Home


While window replacement may not be at the top of every householder’s list of necessary improvements, it is still important. Upgrading from single- to double-glazed windows can be beneficial in many ways. These windows have two glass panes with an air pocket between, and they can reduce energy usage, protect furnishings, and help householders save money. The sections below provide more information on the advantages of double-glazed aluminium windows in Porirua.

Help for the Environment

It’s been estimated that over 27% of a person’s carbon footprint is composed of their home energy use. NZ householders can lower emissions and help protect the environment by installing new windows with eco-friendly, energy-efficient glazing. The air layer in double-pane windows prevents heat from entering or leaving the home, which means less energy is required to keep things cool or warm. Some windows and aluminium doors in Kapiti even have gasses such as krypton or argon between the panes of glass, which makes them even more thermally efficient. Whether they are filled with gas or air, double-pane windows can remove thousands of kilograms of carbon dioxide from the environment, which is equivalent to hundreds of litres of petrol.

Saving Money

Double-glazed windows cost more upfront than single-pane varieties, but their energy savings can help pay for the installation. According to information from Energy Star, an upgrade from single- to double-pane windows can help a householder save more than $500 per year in heating and cooling costs. New windows can increase a home’s value, and the owner can recoup almost 80% of his or her investment.

Preventing Noise Pollution

Double-pane windows can block noise because of the space between the panes and the glass thickness. When choosing windows for the home, the buyer should check each model’s STC (sound transmission class) rating. The higher the rating, the lower the noise level will be. The installer should add caulk and weatherstripping to fully block sound while saving energy and money.

There are plenty of options available for New Zealand homeowners who want new windows. For help in choosing double-glazed aluminium windows for your Kapiti home, call us at High Performance Windows or visit us on the web at to learn more.

How to Increase the Value of Your Home


Whether you are planning to put your home on the market now or sometime in the future, increasing its value wouldn’t hurt. With good planning and smart calculations, you could make a nice deal from its sale. Below are some ways you can increase your home’s value.

1. Add space

Adding more space to your home is one of the surest ways to add value to it. A small kitchen or a cramped living room will not appeal to buyers. Check with your building contractor how you can create a more spacious feel. Some things you can do include knocking down an interior wall, getting rid of the kitchen island or creating an open floor plan, especially in the living area and kitchen.

You can also add space by adding extra rooms, though this is a more expensive undertaking. You can add an extra bathroom or bedroom. Some extra storage space would also appeal to many potential buyers.

2. Renovate

After years of use, it is likely that your home has an aged feel and look. A renovation will inject it with a fresh new look that will increase its appeal to buyers and attract a higher price tag. When renovating, it is extremely important to plan well. Otherwise, you might spend too much on remodelling and not get better returns when selling.

Research current market prices and find out what homes in your neighborhood are selling for to determine how much you should spend on renovation. Sometimes, a strategic low-cost renovation can push up your home value drastically, netting you high returns.

3. Go green

A lot of homeowners these days are preferring to go green. One reason is that they want to save energy and thus save money. Another is that they want to play a role in protecting the environment. Think of some ways you can make your home greener.

Adding a solar power system for instance can make your home more attractive and add value to it. Find double glazing Wellington experts to replace your windows with more energy saving alternatives. These are just of the few green renovations you can make.

4. Landscaping

The outside of your home is just as important as the inside. It creates the first impression, determining whether a potential buyer is likely to make a deal. Attractive and well maintained landscaping can really help in getting a great deal on your home.

Make sure your lawn is looking its best. Add in a few flowers and bushes to create a unique style. Combine this with hard landscaping using materials such as brick, gravel and natural stone. If necessary, work with a professional landscaping expert for the best results.

Just by looking at the landscaping, a potential buyer may be willing to pay more for the house.

Aluminium joinery experts

At High Performance Windows, we know what it takes to make a home look good. Our aluminium joinery products have helped numerous clients create their dream homes. Our products include bifold windows Wellington, aluminium windows Kapiti, double glazed windows and aluminium doors.

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Get Your Wellington Home Ready For Winter


Are you organised for winter?
Was your home as warm as you wanted it last year?
Perhaps you need to buy a new heater or invest in heat pumps?
Are you prepared for the wet weather?
Did you have issues with flooding/poor drainage last year?
Did you have somewhere to store and dry wet weather gear?
Are your gutters clear of autumn leaves and weeds ready for rain?
Are your water pipes protected from freezing?
Do you have enough dry firewood to get you through the winter?
Have you had the chimney swept?
Have you had your electric and gas heaters serviced recently?
Do you have a backup generator for power outages in stormy weather?

One of the biggest issues many homeowners have in winter in Wellington, New Zealand is coping with the colder temperatures. Before buying new heating you should first look at ways to minimise heat loss from your home. It is not cost effective to pay more to heat a home that is poorly insulated.

What percentage of heat is lost from where in your home?
Roof = 25%
Walls = 35%
Floor = 15%
Doors and drafts = 15%
Windows = 10%

Looking at these percentages it would be wise to make sure that your ceiling, walls and floor are fully insulated as well as looking at replacing windows and doors or retrofitting a double glazing option. Double glazing will significantly reduce your home heating bills in combination with other forms of insulation. Fitting new windows and doors will also take care of some of those drafts as well! The added benefits of double glazing are that the windows will help your home stay cool in the warmer months of the year too; as well as providing reduced noise transfer, which is great if you live near a busy road.

Insulation can be added to walls, under floors and to ceiling spaces to help minimise heat loss in winter and also provide a more comfortable environment in the warmer months too. Just remember to make sure that your home is also well ventilated, this is especially important if you use portable gas heaters.

Once you have an insulated home you can look at ways to heat it and stay healthy this winter. Heat pumps are the most cost effective to run but expensive to install. Woodburners create a great atmosphere and warmth but you do need to chop all that wood! New woodburners are more efficient than old ones and if upgrading you will need to make sure you comply with any local council regulations.

If you have a room with excess heat you could consider a heat transfer system to relocate some of that excess heat more evenly throughout the house. Usually heat is transferred from a living area to the bedrooms for example. A heat pump has the added advantage of being able to control moisture in the home and clean the air to remove impurities that can aggravate asthmatics and those with allergies.

Having decided that the next step for you is to get a quote for double glazing in Wellington then you should contact High Performance Windows at for a FREE measure and quote. They measure, quote and fit a number of designs of double glazed windows in the Wellington area. As well as installing brand new double glazed windows in Wellington the team can also retrofit existing windows that are aluminium or timber as long as long as they are in good condition. A retrofit option (replacing the glazing with inner framework) is very cost effective and retains the original character of your home.

Financial and Environmental Savings from Double-Glazed Windows


Guess where most of your energy bill expenses come from? Yes, it’s from the cooling and heating equipment in your house. So the logical step to undertake if you are looking to contain your energy expenses is to reduce the cooling and heating expenses. Let’s find out how you can do this.

How double-glazed windows help you save money

Statistics says that nearly 12% of the total energy used in New Zealand is from running appliances and heating water in your home. In fact, New Zealanders shell out $1 billion annually for this. What’s more, not all of this energy is generated from renewable sources.

Oil, gas and fuels are used along with renewable sources to generate power, and with their use also comes the resultant greenhouse gases. Clearly, the energy usage affects both the environment and the consumer negatively. Interestingly, both these issues can be tackled with the same solution. Let’s see how it’s done.

Keeping your home well insulated means that your cooling and heating systems will have to work less hard, which in turn means that they will consume less power, which in turn tips the energy bills in your favour. The traditional 3mm glass window does not help insulate your home adequately and you need a more robust and innovative choice, This is where double glazed windows come into play.

Double-glazed windows serve as thermal insulation layers that restrict the flow of heat inwards and outwards. Since there are two layers of glass in these windows, they trap a greater amount of heat, thereby cutting down heat loss. The inert gas present between the glass layers ensures that the ambient warm temperature in your home is not disturbed by the cold temperature outside.

So if you look at it, double-glazed windows basically make sure that the effects of your heating system are retained longer, and you can enjoy warmer surroundings without overworking your heating system or overspending on energy. You can also retrofit double glazing to your existing windows, which helps keep the costs of double glazing installation down.

What’s more is that you won’t have to worry about draught proofing your windows when you have double-glazed windows. These windows are inherently draught proof, meaning you will not be spending additional money on draught proofing when the cool winter winds come. They are also easy to maintain and durable; the double-layered glass offers a strong impact resistance, and won’t break or warp easily. This way, you can get more years out of your glass windows, and save on expensive repairs and new installations when you get double-glazed windows for your home.

Taking an environment-friendly approach

There is one other benefit of double-glazed windows and an important one at that. Double-glazed windows are also an environment-friendly alternative to traditional window fittings. Traditional room heating devices and thermostats are operated for fewer hours when homes have well-insulated windows, and that translates to less power consumption and carbon emissions.

To put that into perspective, a house with three bedrooms that has A-rated windows can lower the carbon dioxide gas emissions by 700 kg in a year, and that’s just one house! Think of the massive difference you could make to your surroundings if more homes used double-glazed windows.

At High Performance Windows, we utilise aluminum joinery that is a far more environment-friendly choice (as it leaves a smaller carbon footprint) than other materials that are usually employed in Wellington aluminum windows and doors. This makes our double-glazed windows as eco-friendly as it can get! If you want double-glazed windows in your Wellington home just visit our website at for a free quote!

The Benefits of Double Glazing in Wellington Homes


The southerly winds make Wellington homes seem colder than they actually are, especially during winter. A home with ill-fitted or improper windows is also a precursor to many health issues. Let’s look at how you can keep yourself and your family healthy and warm, and save money on your energy bills, by installing double-glazed windows.

Research shows that insulated homes are dramatically better for the health of the inhabitants, as opposed to cold homes. Dampness, condensation and a cold atmosphere can harbour mildew and mould that are known to be responsible for a range of health conditions from allergies to asthma.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that one of the highest incidence rates of respiratory disorders among OECD countries is in New Zealand, and it is especially prevalent due to the cold and damp atmosphere of the houses. By installing double glazing and improving the insulation in your home you can cut down on all those expensive medical visits and lead a healthier life.
Timber window frames may bring a rustic appeal to your exterior, but they are also easily susceptible to wear and tear. Particularly, given the weather conditions in Wellington, excess moisture can cause your frames to rot and disintegrate over time.
Excess moisture also leads to dampness and condensation which can cause mould to grow on the walls, and other surfaces, of your home. Condensation will also lower the temperature of your room making your heater work overtime to maintain a warm temperature in your home.
One way to eliminate condensation in your Wellington home is by installing double-glazed windows. These windows feature an advanced thermal insulation system wherein an inert gas is sandwiched between the two glass layers. The result is airtight windows that block any outward heat flow, while preventing condensation as well. This in turn keeps your home dry, warm and comfortable.

Retrofitted double-glazed windows in Wellington

Double-glazed windows can make a seamless addition to your home’s interiors. They offer the same look and feel as single-glazed windows, only with greater warmth and comfort. Retrofitting double-glazed windows to your Lower Hutt home means you get the great benefits of double glazing without disrupting the design or style of your interiors.

The professional team at High Performance Windows will first take the measurements of the single-glazed window in your home. The retrofit double glazing is then fabricated at their facility to the same dimensions as your single-glazed unit, so it can be installed speedily causing minimum inconvenience to your everyday activities. It is also far more economical as it does not call for a full-fledged installation of window fixtures, just simply the installation of the retrofitted unit. The High Performance Windows team will carry out a site evaluation to determine the most appropriate solution for your home windows and present you with choices to match your budget.

If your home has old, worn out timber windows, now is the time to consider replacing them with cost-effective functional double-glazed windows, before the winter season starts. Visit the High Performance Windows website at for a free measure and quote to retrofit your Wellington windows and doors with double glazing.

How to Achieve a Warmer and Drier Wellington Home

pexels-photo-29910 (1)

According to statistics, New Zealand has about a million homes with either no insulation or inadequate insulation. People living in homes with no insulation are not only living in a uncomfortable environment but are more susceptible to cold related illnesses. Let’s explore some alternatives and solutions that can make your Wellington or Lower Hutt home warmer and drier.

It should come as no surprise that we are starting this list with insulation, as we’re on the subject of keeping homes warmer. In fact, insulating different parts of your house can help prevent heat from leaking out quite impressively. For instance, ceiling insulation can reduce heat loss by 35%, while floor insulation can reduce heat loss by 14%.

Of course if you’re looking at something like wall insulation, it is far more difficult, especially if it is in a home that has already been built. As well as insulating your home there are other affordable things you can do to keep your home as warm and dry as possible.

Aluminum is a popular choice of material for window frames as it allows for more light and does not easily undergo wear or tear. Instead of choosing just the traditional aluminum framed windows, upgrade to window frames with aluminum joinery that have a resin or plastic centre.

The thermal breaks can help ensure that a lot of heat is retained due to aluminum’s inherent metallic properties. This can help reduce the heat loss as well as condensation, as aluminum joinery leaves the window airtight so heat can’t escape. These advanced aluminum windows can bring down heat loss by nearly 20%.

Wellington double-glazed windows are one of the best ways to cut down the heat loss in homes. There are two choices of double-glazed windows, both of which have two glass layers separated by a filler material, the filler material being either air or inert gas.

Double-glazed windows with an inert gas center can help reduce heat loss further, as inert gases are better insulators. Heat loss from windows can be cut down by 3% to 9% more with double-glazed windows that have inert gas fillings at the center when compared to double-glazed windows with air fillings.

The many benefits of double-glazed windows

Statistics reports that a double-glazed fitting can improve the insulation of the windows up to nearly 73%. Pair it with aluminium joinery, and you know for a fact that cold winds or condensation woes will not weigh you down this winter.

Another benefit of double-glazed windows is that they offer higher UV protection which means your furnishings will not easily suffer sun damage, and will last longer. These windows are also soundproof so they will offer your family better privacy. Double-glazed windows and doors are an energy-efficient solution for all homes and offer impressive savings on your energy bills.

Most newly built homes come fitted with double-glazing as standard but for those in an older home you can still reap the benefits of double glazing by retrofitting your windows and doors. If you are in Wellington or Lower Hutt check out the High Performance Windows website at for more information on how to keep your home warm and dry.


The Financial and Environmental Savings of Double Glazing


Were you aware that your home in Wellington contributes to carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions? Fortunately, there’s a solution. The first step is to incorporate environmentally friendly features into your home. So, what’s the best environmentally friendly feature you can add to your house without spending too much money? It’s double-glazed windows and here’s why:

Double glazing has been known to reduce CO2 emissions

The level of insulation in your home determines the amount of CO2 emissions it produces. We use heaters and air conditioners to regulate the temperatures of our homes but unfortunately these heating and cooling devices are responsible for producing additional CO2 as well as wasting energy.

Double glazing can prevent this because it keeps the heat out in summer and the heat in during winter. Double glazing involves using two panes of glass that are joined together. However, there is inert air trapped between these glass panes. This inert air is what provides the insulation.

Air is a bad conductor of heat so if your home is heated, double glazed windows will retain the heat inside for much longer even after you switch off your heater. The same is true in reverse as well. The trapped inert air will prevent heat from coming in, while keeping your home cooler during summers. Your home will retain the cooler air inside even after you switch off your air conditioner.

Double glazing means that your overall heating/cooling system usage drops dramatically. The reduction in the usage of your heating or cooling system also means that your CO2 emissions drop significantly. In fact, studies show that double-glazed windows can contribute to a reduction of 740 kg of CO2 emissions per year.

Double glazing will also save you money

The benefits of double glazing don’t just stop with environmental health. You also benefit financially from installing double glazing in your home. A study conducted in the UK has shown that switching to double-glazed windows can help the average household save 8,211 pounds (19,162 NZ dollars). The results of the study were determined by calculating central heating savings over a period of 20 years with 6% gas cost inflation factored in.

Another study showed that a semi-detached house with double-glazed windows in the UK could save 10,000 pounds (23,337 NZ dollars) over a 20-year period. Although there is an initial investment for installing double-glazed windows in Wellington homes, the long-term benefits more than make up for it. The installation process is also simple, provided it’s done by professionals. In general, depending on the size of the house, it doesn’t take more than a day or two.

If you are looking for professional services related to double glazing in Wellington, then contact High Performance Windows. High Performance Windows is a leading provider of double-glazed windows in Wellington. Just visit their website at to find out more about double glazing for your Wellington windows and doors.

The Health Benefits of a Double-Glazed Home


Double-glazed windows come with inert gas sealed between two layers of glass. This helps retain heat inside your home, keeping it warm and dry. Double glazing is a huge benefit during the colder seasons, especially if you live in Wellington or Lower Hutt. Winters in Lower Hutt and Wellington can be pretty cold with the frequent winds and storms so having double-glazed windows can really turn out to be a worthwhile investment if you live in these locations.

Keeping the heat in isn’t the only advantage you enjoy when you have double glazing in your windows. There are various other benefits as well. In fact, having double glazing can even contribute to better health and here’s why:

Filters out UV radiation

Having double glazed windows is not only great for winters. It can even be beneficial during the hotter months. Double glazed windows limit the amount of UV rays that come through your windows helping to prevent furniture damage. UV light has been known to cause furniture to fade but with double glazing, your furniture is kept safe.

Prevents noise pollution

Double-glazed windows have also been known to keep noise pollution to a bare minimum. The double glazing serves as a barrier between the internal environment of your home and the outside. Sounds can’t easily penetrate the double layer of glass and the layer of air, which results in a significant reduction in the volume of noise entering your house.

If you live in a busy area of Lower Hutt or Wellington, double glazing can prove to be of serious help. Plus, too much sound has been known to affect hearing and even cause stress. This ultimately affects your health. With double glazing, you can avoid all that and relax in the calm atmosphere of your home.

Minimises condensation

Condensation occurs when moisture comes in contact with a warm surface. The moisture turns to water droplets, which turns into frost during the winters. The frost causes a reduction in room temperature, making it much colder inside. But, with double-glazed windows, the inert air sealed between the two glass layers blocks the moisture, preventing condensation. This leads to a drier and warmer home.

Condensation can also lead to medical conditions. Due to the dampness and moisture that results from condensation it becomes possible for mould, timber rot and mildew to thrive, all of which have been known to affect a person’s health.

Other benefits

Apart from the health benefits mentioned above, double glazing can also provide better security. Double-glazed windows are much harder to break than single pane windows. Even if the windows are broken the shards stay intact, which discourages intruders from entering through the windows.

To learn more about double glazing for your home windows or doors, get in touch with High Performance Windows. High Performance Windows are leading providers of double-glazed windows in Wellington and aluminum windows in Lower Hutt. They also provide double-glazed windows in Lower Hutt and are always happy to help their customers find the best double glazing solutions for their homes. Just visit their website at

How to Make Your Wellington Home Warmer and Drier


Winters in Wellington can get pretty cold, which isn’t exactly a good thing, especially for your health. A healthy home needs to be warm and dry, because a cold or damp house can lead to several illnesses. In order to keep your house warm and dry, you need to have heating and insulation systems in place, along with various other modifications.

However, there is more to keeping a house warm and dry. Here are some useful tips that might come in handy.

For starters, let’s focus on the house in general. Here is what you need to do:

  • Make sure your ceiling insulation is in proper condition. Most of the heat loss of around 30% to 35 % occurs when the ceiling insulation is improper, or in a worst case scenario the ceiling is not even insulated.
  • Even the smallest gaps between doors or windows can cause your home to lose a lot of heat. Make sure these gaps are insulated. You can use a sealer such as V-Seal to make sure these gaps remain shut.
  • Ventilation is also necessary to make sure that your home remains warm. It prevents condensation and also keeps your home environment healthy by preventing the growth of mould.
  • If you have damp soil under your house, then the use of a polythene vapor barrier will be required to keep the dampness from rising up into your home.

Now, let’s focus on your bedrooms. Here are a few things you can do to keep things warm:

  • Check your room temperature using a thermometer. Ideally, your room temperature needs to be between 16 to 18 degrees Celsius. Adjust your thermostat accordingly.
  • When it comes to blankets, stick to wool as they provide way more warmth than synthetic blankets.
  • Use curtains for your windows. They help in keeping the heat sealed in. In fact, you can try purchasing lined curtains that have enclosed tracks. Keep your curtains open during the daytime, to let the bright sunlight and heat in, but make sure the curtains are closed by dusk.
  • If you have plants or vegetation growing near your windows, then remove them. This will help trap whatever sunlight and heat is available. Do this especially for the north-facing windows.
  • To eliminate the dampness in the bedroom, make sure to wipe off the condensation on the windows every day. This will prevent the moisture from getting evaporated into the air. Too much moisture in the air can make it harder for you to heat the house.
  • If you have a dehumidifier, you can run it along with the heater. This will increase the heat because the dehumidifier will suck out the moisture.
  • Keep your wardrobes open in order to allow for more air circulation. Closed wardrobes retain moisture, which will cause mould to grow.

These are some tips you can implement to keep your home warm and dry, but the best way to make sure your home is kept comfortable and warm is to opt for double glazing. Double glazing involves trapping air between two layers of glass, which are used in windows or doors. Since air is a poor conductor of heat, it helps retain the heat inside the house. Plus, if you add low emissivity glass on one side, you will end up retaining more heat in your home. Another option is the use of double-glazed aluminum windows, which are very effective in keeping your house warm and dry.

To know more about services related to double glazing in Wellington or double-glazed aluminum windows in Wellington, contact High Performance Windows at 04 568 5687 or visit the website at High Performance Windows offers double glazing services in Wellington for windows and doors.

Keep Your Wellington Home Warm with These Energy Saving Tips


In March last year, the mainstream media here in Wellington reported an unprecedented increase in average power bills for both homes and residential areas. The figures indicated that power bills would increase by between 5 .8 and 7% in the greater Wellington area.

It has been suggested that rising operational costs have caused the majority of this increase but whatever the case, the cost of energy in New Zealand is as high as it has ever been and unfortunately the consumer is the one left to bear the impact. Energy users are always looking for ways to save power and here are some tips on how you can save money on your power bills and keep your Wellington home warm.

1. Install double-glazed windows

These windows are made up of two panes that essentially hang on the same frame with the gap between the glass trapping in the warm air that circulates in your home. They are popular among consumers because they trap heat within the house, ensuring that warmth does not escape into the environment. At the same time, they keep the cold at bay, preventing it from making its way into the immediate living area. For the right double-glazing services in Wellington, always look for suppliers with a solid record and quality designs.

2. Insulate your home

Most Wellington windows and doors come in materials that help keep the cold away from your home. You can treat your windows using thin films that enhance the retention of heat. Many homeowners choose aluminum windows in Wellington because of their ability to trap warmth within the home and recirculate it over a long period of time.

3. Close unused rooms

Wellington has 398,300 residents. At least a third of these people admit that they have rooms they do not use in their houses. The problem with such a scenario is that these rooms usually allow cold air into the rest of the home, which increases the costs of heating. It is better if all the areas that you do not actively use in your home are kept shut so draughts are not circulating throughout your home.

4. Purchase a set of thick curtains

Thick curtains with a thermal lining are the perfect type to go for. During the day, draw the curtains back and allow natural heat to seep in.

Over the years, High Performance Windows have been offering energy-friendly products for home insulation across New Zealand. They are one of the leading suppliers of double-glazed windows and doors in Wellington. Their designs have cutting-edge specifications and cater for all types of homes. Start saving money on your energy bills today with Wellington’s best double-glazing suppliers, High Performance Windows. Visit their website today to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation and find your perfect Wellington aluminium windows and doors.